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AirFit F30 Full Face Mask

AirFit F30 Ful Face Mask

AirFit F30 is ResMed’s newest full face CPAP mask, yet another highly important and innovative addition to their line of AirFit masks. This model focuses on patient comfort from all points of view. The mask ensures patients will not wake up with red pressure marks and that they will enjoy a restful and uninterrupted night of sleep while getting required therapy. ResMed is a leading provider of CPAP equipment and accessories that truly focus on patient comfort and compliance.

AirFit F30- Minimalism & High Performance

AirFit F30 is a minimal contact full face, the newest mask offered by ResMed. When comparing fit, seal, quietness and even patient comfort, the AirFit F30 outperforms leading full face masks such as Amara View or DreamWear by Philips Respironics.

Top Highlights:AirFit F30 Full Face Mask with AirSense 10

  • UltraCompact Cushion- the cushion is designed so as to provide maximum seal and the best comfort at the same time. The cushion provides optimum seal at the bridge of the nose, while preventing red marks and any kind of discomfort. According to recent tests in the field, the mask represented an optimum fit in 93% of the cases.

  • Universal Size Headgear- AirFit F30 has a one-size fits all headgear. Thanks to its flexible yet durable material, the headgear represents a first time successful fit for all patients. The headgear molds following the individual facial structure of each user.

  • QuietAir Vent System- thanks to this innovative technology, the vent system breaks up the exhaled air and disperses it smoothly and constantly. The Resmed AirFit F30 CPAP Mask is among the quietest full face minimal contact masks available on the market. Thanks to the quiet ambient noise, both patients and bed partners can have a restful, uninterrupted night of sleep.

  • Magnetic Clips- These magnetic clips at the base of the mask allow patients to snap the mask on or off with great ease.

  • quick Release Elbow- patients can easily connect/disconnect from therapy with the help of the quick release elbow.

Thanks to its simple and modern design, patients will become faster compliant with therapy. Also, getting a good night’s sleep helps patients wake up refreshed each morning so that they can carry on with their regular tasks. An ill-fitting mask that also causes irritation and pressure around the face will keep patients staying away from getting required therapy.

QuietAir Vent DiffuserResMed AirFit F30

The QuietAir vent diffuser elbow by ResMed reduces noises by up to 90% and is capable of producing a gentler exhale airflow by up to 70% (when compared to previous designs by ResMed). Thanks to this advanced technology, the noise output of the mask is well below ambient noise in the room. QuietAir helps patients enjoy a much more restful and quiet night of sleep.

AirFit F30- Lightweight, Minimal Contact Full Face Mask

Thanks to its low profile design, the mask will sit much lower on the face without obstructing the view in any way. Patients will experience fewer red marks and irritations, when compared to other full face masks in the same range.

  • Innovative design helps preventing soreness in the nasal area, red marks & irritations on the face
    Patients can comfortably wear glasses while wearing the mask. They can easily perform tasks such as reading or watching TV without any obstructions in the field of vision.

  • Extremely comfortable choice for frequent side sleepers.

  • Looks small, feels extremely light and comfortable. Patients can quickly become compliant with required CPAP therapy. Extremely suitable and recommended even for first time therapy users.

  • Extremely quiet, easy to use & extremely comfortable

AirFit F30 compared to other, market leading minimal contact full face masks:

  • Up to 80% of the users reported the ResMed F30 is much easier to use. The mask has a quick release elbow, magnetic clips and a one size fits all headgear that follows the individual contours of the patient

  • Up to 65% of the users reported that AirFit F30 indeed feels more stable, provides a much better fit and a secure seal

  • AirFit F30 is also much quieter than leading full face masks. Thanks to its innovative vent system, air is dispersed equally, lightly and away from the face of the patient

  • Fast & extremely accurate first time fitting

AirFit F30 Fitting Guide

  • First, place the UltraCompact cushion right under your nose, and make sure it fits comfortably to your face. Then, pull the headgear over your head with the ResMed logo facing upwards

  • Attach the magnetic clips to the frame, while bringing the lower headgear strap under your ears area

  • Pull evenly the upper headgear straps. Now pull evenly the lower headgear straps

  • Adjust the straps on the crown of the head if you feel the headgear is too close to your ears and it feels uncomfortable

  • Next connect the tube of your CPAP to the elbow

  • Now reattach the elbow to the mask frame. Your AirFit F30 mask is ready for use

Mask Cushion Accessories:AIrFit F30 Cushion

  • AirFit F30 Small Cushion

  • AirFit F30 Medium Cushion

AirFit F30 by ResMed is definitely an ideal choice for sleep apnea patients. This mask comes with a modern and minimalistic look which makes it a perfect choice even for younger patients, frequent travellers, patients spending more time outdoors and looking to attract less attention with their CPAP equipment.

AirFit F30 Full Face Mask
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ResMed AirFit™ F30 – a smaller style full face mask. It’s designed to sit low on – and cover less of the face to prevent top-of-the-nose red marks. Feel more confident using therapy around loved ones with a simple, yet effective mask that gives you a modern look.
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