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Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask 

Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

Traditional nasal pillows represent a reason for concern for many patients. The pillows cannot be adjusted properly, the mask is leaking and the patient wakes up with marks on face or the forehead. All these inconveniences are a matter of the past because the Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear is rendered as the most comfortable CPAP device.

InnoMed Technologies Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Best features:

  • The Aloha CPAP mask with headgear allows the user to adjust the depth and the angle of the nasal pillows. This translates into a considerably improved comfort and perfect seal
  • The device is perfect even for the most active/restless sleepers. Thanks to the ball & socket elbow, the mask helps accommodating a great variety of sleeping positions. Hi-Flex Tubing technology ensures a good night’s sleep wearing this mask.
  • The Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear comes equipped with three different pillow sizes. In the box, you will find a small, medium and a large pillow, so that you can instantly adjust the mask by wearing the most comfortable pillow size. The Arced-Track technology allows the patient to custom fit the nasal pillows to obtain maximum comfort and efficiency.

Quiet & Lightweight

The Aloha CPAP Mask is designed to be extremely light and offering quiet venting. This will in turn ensure a restful sleep, without interruptions because the venting is too loud or the mask feels too heavy.

Stable & Comfortable seal

Patients using such had masks often complain about uncomfortable “cheek flaps” or that the straps are not “breathing”, bringing about skin irritation, redness, or itchy skin. The Aloha CPAP Mask is designed with breathable, comfortable silicone straps that are gentle with your skin.

Minimal contact with the patient’s face- Wide-set design

The patient will never feel discomfort from the straps of the mask. These straps guarantee minimal contact with the face of the patient, and the mask adapts perfectly even to the most active sleepers. The headgear is designed to be of a wide-set pattern:

  • Very few points of contact with the face
  • No contact whatsoever with the eyes area

The headgear has a chic & minimalistic design which makes it very comfortable to wear, and even first time patients will not feel frustrated wearing it. The entire headgear is made of highly flexible, velvety soft and breathe-through materials.

Comfort at your fingertips with the Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

The hose of the mask can be adjusted as needed. The patient can choose to wear it down the chest or over the head.

Innovative Design

  • The CPAP mask does not contain Latex. Therefore, patents with latex allergy can wear it without any problem
  • The headgear is adjustable in 4 different points for maximum stability & comfort
  • The reservoir has a one-piece design and thanks to this the patient can assemble or disassemble the mask very fast and easy. Maintaining the headgear clean and sanitized does not require complex skills
  • The nasal inserts are extremely stable and soft + adjustable in depth and angle
  • The hose can be easily secured with the help of the tubing ring
Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask
Product ID ALO100
Manufacturer InnoMed Technologies
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Aloha Nasal Pillow Interface

The Aloha is a nasal pillow style interface that comes with 3 different pillow sizes to get the right fit. This device is extremely lightweight and quiet, and offers an incredibly stable and comfortable seal.

  • Extremely lightweight and quiet
  • Offers an incredibly stable and comfortable seal
  • The floating Ball-and-Socket Elbow adapts to the most active sleepers allowing for various sleeping positions
  • Exclusive Arced-Track™ technology allows the angle of the Pillows Reservoir to be adjusted to a more customized, natural fit
  • Reinforced Headgear comes standard with Comfort Wraps™ ensuring virtually no red marks on face
  • Tubing Holder Ring allows for securing the tubing where you want it, such as over the head
  • Over-the-Head strap can be assembled in two different channels for more secure fit

Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

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