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Dreamwisp nasal cpap mask

Respironics DreamWist Nasal CPAP Mask

Philips Respironics launches its innovative, highly comfortable and highly compliant DreamWisp CPAP mask. This is a minimal contact mask, promising maximum comfort with every turn. DreamWisp helps patients sleep comfortably, and enjoy therapy even at the highest required pressures. DreamWisp takes the best features from both DreamWear and Wisp minimal contact nasal mask. DreamWisp features the revolutionary top of the head tube design for maximum freedom of movement and the perfect seal for carefree therapeutic sessions.

DreamWisp main benefits:DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask

  • Sleep in any desired position thanks to the top-of-the-head tube design. No more tubing getting in your way
  • Airflow happens through the mask frame – sleep comfortably all throughout therapy
  • Perfect comfort and seal provided by the minimal contact nasal cushion
  • Maximum stability through the four-point headgear

DreamWisp Mask top highlights:

  • High quality silicone frame- ultra light and flexible material designed for the most natural comfort
  • Top-of-the-head tube design- this type of tube connection provides freedom of movement throughout the night.
  • Tubing will never get in your way, and you can stay closer to your bed partner
  • Open field of vision- unobstructed visual field, so that you can read, watch TV or work on your computer without problems’
  • Unique in-frame airflow system- airflow is dispersed through the frame in order to help patients sleep comfortably in any desired position
  • Four-point headgear- the best fit and maximum stability
  • Magnetic clips- fast assembly and release
  • Minimal contact nasal cushion design- best fit and comfort all throughout therapy

Clinician reviews of the DreamWisp by Philips Respironics

 Respironics DreamWisp

Up to 97% of the clinicians state they would recommend DreamWisp to another clinician or to patients. When it comes to the seal factor, clinicians are more satisfied with the seal of the DreamWisp than with the seal of the ResMed AirFit N20. Clinicians state they are more satisfied with identifying the correct size with DreamWisp than with other masks provided by ResMed. In their opinion, DreamWisp also fits much better than ResMed’s AirFit N20.

DreamWisp Fitting Guide:

  • You need to select the cushion that fits well the width of your nose, without obstructing your nostrils in any way. The top side of the cushion needs to sit between the tip and the bridge of your nose. You have 5 different cushion sizes to choose from. These are: petite, small, medium, large and extra-large.
  • Unclasp the magnetic clips from the magnetic clip handle
  • Next, pull the silicone headgear over your head
  • Now place the cushion over your nose and clasp the magnetic clips back into their place
  • Adjust the length of the straps on the headgear until you reach comfortable levels
  • Keep positioning the mask until it fits comfortably. The elbow should be at the top of the head. The cushion must rest comfortably on your face, but without blocking your nostrils in any way

DreamWisp allows you to sleep in any desired position, thanks to the innovative features such as top-of-the –head tubing or the soft and flexible silicone frame. DreamWisp represents the ideal choice for restless sleepers requiring CPAP therapy.

DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask
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Manufacturer Philips Respironics
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DreamWisp was designed to help you sleep comfortably with every turn. Combining DreamWear’s top-of-the-head tube design with Wisp’s minimal contact nasal cushion, DreamWisp gives you the freedom to sleep in any position throughout the night.

Package includes a medium frame and small, medium and large nasal cushions.

DreanWisp Nasal Mask DreamWisp Parts

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