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FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal CPAP Mask

FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal CPAP Mask

Patients with finer facial features struggle with challenges when it comes to finding the perfectly fitting nasal CPAP mask. Fisher & Paykel’s FlexiFit 406 nasal mask has been specifically designed and developed to fit patients with fine facial structures. The Petite nasal mask is extremely user friendly, comfortable and helps patients get quick compliance.

  • Quiet operation is ensured by the maintenance free bias diffuser
  • Best nasal mask comfort is ensured by the Stretchgear Headgear
  • FlexiFit Technology – automatically adjusts the mask to a wide range of facial and nasal structures. One –step adjustment of the mask makes it a popular choice among patients.

FlexiFit 406 is an out-of-box solution- the mask is fully assembled and ready to use.

FlexiFit 406 Performance Details

  • FlexiFit Technology integrated for maximum comfort & one-step fit
  • Glider Strap - ensures freedom of movement for the patient while the mask maintains its perfect seal. Even when the head of the patient rotates from one side to the other during sleep, the mask sealing force remains equal
  • Stretchgear Headgear - the best mask suspension system developed by Fisher & Paykel. The headgear has a specially flexible segment which ensures the mask maintains an equal force even when the patient tilts his head up or down
  • Deluxe Frosted Silicon Seal of the FlexiFit 406 uses innovative technology which provides an extremely soft and smooth feeling. The silicone seal has a special “frosted” texture which ensures optimum seal.
  • Ultra-Efficient Bias Diffuser - virtually maintenance free diffuser system. The diffuser integrates advanced technology which does not allow the air from the mask to be dispersed onto the sleeping bed partner. The innovative technology diffuser ensures very low noise levels which in turn guarantees a good night’s sleep, without interruptions
  • The unique Glider Clip of the Flexifit 406 Petite Nasal Mask allows for a one-step removal of the mask whenever needed. The headgear can be removed with a single “snap” , so that patients do not have to continuously perform adjustments on the mask
  • Hidden Strap Release- makes it is extremely easy to take off or put on the mask with one single movement, without making ongoing mask adjustments

To ensure the safety and continuous functionality of your FlexiFit 406 Petite nasal CPAP mask, you need to clean and sanitize it regularly. Before each use, inspect the mask to ensure there are no wear and tear and damages present. If a mask is damaged, it should be replaced, or you should replace the damaged accessories.

FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal CPAP mask is an extremely small, lightweight and stylish mask. Maximum comfort and seal efficiency is ensured by the innovative technologies integrated. Patients can move their head side to side, or tilt it up and down without worrying that the mask will shift. Optimum mask seal will be maintained both during sleep or while awake.

The mask does not obstruct the field of vision, so it is particularly recommended for patients who wear glasses, or for users who watch TV or read while using CPAP therapy.

FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal CPAP Mask
Product ID HC406
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
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The FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal Mask offers an over-the-nose mask solution specifically designed to fit finer featured faces. The Petite design is small, light and easy to use. Incorporating FlexiFit Technology with auto-contouring properties, the FlexiFit 406 Nasal Mask comes with a unique Glider Strap mechanism for maximum comfort and stability. The Stretchgear™ Headgear provides even greater comfort and a maintenance-free bias diffuser ensures quieter operation. This mask comes as an Out-of-Box Solution fully assembled and ready for use.

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FlexiFit 406 Nasal CPAP Mask  FlexiFit 406 Mask Parts

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