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Mirage Micro™ CPAP Mask for Kids


Mirage Micro for Kids Nasal CPAP Mask

Children requiring CPAP therapy are much more difficult to fit with a mask that is comfortable and efficient at the same time. The Mirage Micro for Kids is especially designed for children 7+ years old, who are diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Mirage Micro for kids is approved by the FDA, and it is designed with plenty of child friendly features. The headgear is developed so as to fit most facial structures of children, and the mask features a small sized, comfortable cushion to provide the best mask seal and avoid leaks.

The dual-wall cushion and the MicroFit dial on the headgear ensure the most comfortable fit for the child. The design of the frame is deeper in order to accommodate a wide range of nasal structures, and thanks to these comfort features the mask is a perfect fit even from the first time of use.

Resmed Mirage Micro for Kids CPAP Mask

Benefits of Mirage Micro for Kids

  • Custom tailored comfort & fit- Who the help of the MicroFit dial parents can perform the necessary adjustments to fit the mask comfortably onto the child’s face. The small sized headgear and the dual-wall cushion ensure the best comfort and therapy efficiency for children 7+ years old. Thanks to the unique dual-wall cushion design, the mask will not cause pressure points or tightness at the nasal bridge area.
  • MIRAGE Micro for Kids is quiet- the air pressure is gently and quietly dispersed through the diffusers, so that the child can enjoy uninterrupted sleep during the night. The mask frame is designed to be sleek, so it does not obstruct the field of vision. Many children who need to wear bulky full face masks have to put up with great levels of anxiety, but Mirage Micro ensures freedom of mobility, a clear field of vision and maximum comfort all throughout the therapy.
  • One-hand adjustments- with the help of the MicroFit dial, the mask frame can be adjusted with one single and, even while the child is lying down. The parent can quickly adjust the mask to meet the needs and comfort levels of the child under CPAP therapy.
  • Fewer parts, easy to assemble/disassemble and clean. Also the mask can be easily attached and detached with one single movement thanks to the headgear clips.

When you order the Mirage Micro Nasal CPAP mask for Kids through SleepRestfully, within packaging you will receive the mask cushion, headgear clips, the headgear and the swivel. Maintenance & Sanitation Information for the Mirage Micro for Kids

  • Make sure to wash the mask in lukewarm water with mild soap every day. Never use harsh detergents or soaps; instead wash the mask using baby shampoo or plain liquid soap. Rinse very well the mask and allow it to dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Every week, the mask needs to be disassembled so that you can wash each part separately. Remember to rinse well each component and allow them to dry out of direct sunlight.  
Mirage Micro for Kids
Product ID 61013
Manufacturer ResMed
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The Mirage Micro™ for Kids is ResMed’s second mask cleared by the FDA to treat obstructive sleep apnea in pediatric patients.

  • Based on streamlined design and personalized comfort features of the original Mirage Micro
  • Combines small headgear size with child-sized cushion to better fit children and their unique needs
  • Easy for children (and parents) to adjust for a comfortable fit

Mirage Micro for Kids Nasal CPAP Mask Mirage Micro for Kids Nasal Mask Parts

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