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Oracle Oral CPAP Mask

Oracle Oral CPAP Mask

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare brings patients a unique, minimalist design oral CPAP mask compatible with the widest range of CPAP or Bi-level devices. Patients with chronic nasal obstruction or those who breathe mainly through the mouth will find the Oracle Oral CPAP mask extremely efficient.

  • Clear field of vision - the mask focuses mainly on the mouth area, and there are no forehead pads or bulky frames available
  • Oracle Oral CPAP mask is extremely easy to use and maintain
  • Offers perfect seal, thus preventing mask leaks for a more efficient CPAP therapy treatment
  • Oracle provides maximum freedom of movement - it is the perfect solution for active sleepers and patients who feel claustrophobic wearing full face masks

Fiisher & Paykel Oracle CPA Mask

Oracle Oral CPAP mask is an out-of-the box solution – no complicated headgear systems, no dozes of adjustment points. Oracle Oral CPAP mask features:

  • Rotating adjusting dial
  • Single strap headgear - simplicity and comfort
  • Efficient bias diffuser
  • Silicone seal mouthpiece
  • SnapFlap Cover Interaction
  • Quick Release Strap

What’s in the Box

When you order Oracle Oral CPAP mask through SleepRestfully you will receive a complete system, ready to use with your CPAP therapy device. The components include the Flexitube Assembly, the Headgear with Easy-Release Cord, the Silicone Seal (Small and Large) and the Storage Case.

At any time you can easily order accessories/spare parts for the Oracle Oral CPAP mask. These include silicone seals (small and large), headgear accessory Plus Clip, Exhaust Flow Diffuser Material (10/pack), Nasal Plugs (Small, Medium and Large) or Elbow Kits.

Patients with a severely deviated septum or other chronic nasal obstruction problems cannot breathe through the nose efficiently. In their case an oral CPAP mask is the highest recommended. The oral CPAP mask delivers CPAP therapy at prescribed pressure through the mouth, so that the patient can breathe comfortably throughout therapy. In order to make therapy most efficient, patients will insert special nose plugs to close the nasal openings, so that airflow is delivered efficiently through the mouth.

Experts highly recommend the use of a heated humidifier with an oral mask, to avoid the dry mouth syndrome and get the most comfortable CPAP therapy.

Oracle Oral CPAP mask is a new generation accessory developed based on a minimalist concept, yet delivering the most comfortable and efficient therapy. If you are not comfortable or not compliant with using full face masks, the oral mask represents the next best solution.

Experts also recommend using the Oracle Oral CPAP mask with the F&P Healthcare SleepStyle 600 Series CPAP system that is equipped with ThermoSmart Technology. The Oracle oral mask requires the use of an efficient heated humidification system to provide optimum humidity for the air that you breathe in. Pay attention to the following when using Oracle in conjunction with a heated humidifier system:

  • Make sure the water chamber is filled
  • At least for the first two weeks of therapy, use special nasal plugs
  • Breathe only through the mouth

Please contact SleepRestfully for further valuable information on the Oracle Oral CPAP mask by Fisher and Paykel.

Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask
Product ID HC452
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask Discounts Apply !

Oracle 452 Oral Mask The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Oracle™ was the first ever developed oral mask, a milestone in interface design. The next generation Oracle™ has exciting refinements that improve the patient experience, for ease of use and ease of seal. A new symmetrical design means the mask is always correctly fitted while the infinitely adjustable rotating dial allows for a personalized fit to provide greater comfort and simplicity. The Oracle 452 is the ideal solution for patients who are obligate mouth breathers, or have difficulty tolerating traditional nasal CPAP therapy.

Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask  Oracle Oral CPAP Mask Parts

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