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Transcend 3 minicpap auto

Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto

The new Transcend 3 Mini CPAP Auto comes with an upgraded design and an ultra-modern look for the ultimate CPAP experience. One of the top selling CPAP machines on the market, the Transcend Mini CPAP comes with an innovative redesign under the Transcend Mini 3 CPAP. In order to help patients enjoy even better overall CPAP experience and comfort, the new machine features a swivel nozzle, an outstanding design and a flat silicone base for increased stability. Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto

Transcend 3 Mini CPAP- small yet highly powerful. This machine is designed for traveling, so that patients can enjoy uninterrupted CPAP therapy even while away from home. Regardless of where you go, this innovative machine will help you enjoy quality sleep and freedom of movement. Pack it easily and carry it wherever you need to go.

The CPAP is approximately the size of a soda can. It is small, compact and highly portable, offering frequent travelers the comfort and freedom of movement they need so much. This is also an FAA approved mini CPAP machine, meaning that you can take it with you on the board of an airplane. In order to get the maximum of your CPAP therapy, you just need to attach to it the compatible external battery.

  • 3-year manufacturer warranty + extended warranty available if you need even more protection
  • Ultra stylish padded travel case including compartments for organizing your accessories
  • Mini USB cord / universal AC power supply / international plug kit
  • Available accessories: P8 Battery, Transcend P4 battery, DC mobile adaptor & Transcend solar battery charger

When you purchase Transcend Mini 3 Auto CPAP, this is what is included in the box:Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto Travel CPAP Machine

  • Transcend miniCPAP Auto / Transcend 3 miniCPAP device
  • Air Supply Tube- Compatible with standard 22mm connector
  • Multi-plug universal power supply
  • Changeable plug pack
  • Stylish Transcend Travel Bag
  • Transcend 3 mini CPAP quick guide
  • USB Cable

Intuitive Control Panel Interface

Transcend 3 mini CPAP comes with an easy to use and highly intuitive control panel feature. The device features 2 pushbuttons that allow you to activate the blower and the pressure Ramp feature. You will also find there two LED lights- the green for indicating the normal operation modules and the yellow light that indicates any fault/error conditions.

RAMP Mode for maximum breathing comfort

Transcend 3 Mini CPAP features RAMP mode, in order to help patients fall asleep against a lower pressure coming through the mask. When in Ramp mode, the device will start at a lower pressure and then gradually increase to prescribed pressure. This way, you can relax and fall asleep, while not having to struggle inhaling or exhaling against a higher pressure. By the time you fall asleep, the machine returns to prescribed levels to ensure proper therapy.

Additional comfort with the EZEX functionTranscend 3 miniCPAP Overnight Battery

EZEX is a special function that will decrease air pressure upon exhalation only. Most CPAP patients complain about the difficulty of exhaling against a higher pressure coming from the device. When EZEX is on, pressure will be reduced upon exhalation, and when the inhalation phase starts the machine will return automatically to the higher, required pressure.

Patients can choose between 4 different EZEX functions: Off mode, 1, 2 and 3. Depending on the selected option, the device will progressively increase the pressure relief level from None (in Off mode), and up to the maximum pressure relief available (Setting 3).

Transcend 3 Mini CPAP with Drying Mode- when you set the device in Drying Mode, the blower will run at a lower speed for approximately 30 minutes. After each therapy session it is recommended to turn on the Drying Mode. By using this mode, air will be flushed throughout the system in order to remove any moisture levels from the interior of the device. After the standard 30-minute Drying Mode, the blower turns off and the machine enters Standard Mode. Using the Drying mode after each therapy will ensure that the interior of your CPAP is perfectly dry, without the risk of mold, bacteria and viruses developing inside.

Transcend 3 Mini CPAP top Highlights:Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto camping

  • Small, lightweight & travel friendly mini Auto CPAP
  • Features Drying Mode- for quick and easy drying the interior of your CPAP
  • Small yet highly durable CPAP perfect for travel
  • Plenty of accessories for therapy customization
  • FAA approved for use on board of a plane
  • Can be used with any mask/ tubing system which has a standard 22mm connector
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty (plus extended if needed)

Transcend 3 Mini CPAP Specifications:

  • Therapy Mode- Auto / Fixed Pressure
  • EZEX Pressuire Relief
  • Dimensions: 7.4” x 3.7” x 3.7”
  • Weight -1.09 lbs
  • Sound Pressure Level: 30dBA
  • Operating Pressure: 4 to 20cmH2O
  • Ramp – adjustable Ramp Time – 0 to 45min.
  • Auto Altitude Adjustment- up to 8,000feet
  • Power Supply Input- 100 -240VAC / 50-60Hz /
  • Power Supply Output – 19VDC / 2,6Amp.
  • AHI & Leak Detection
  • Compliance Data
Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto
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The Transcend 3 miniCPAP is designed for travel and the bumps that happen along the road.  This durable miniCPAP supports your active lifestyle so you have the freedom to travel AND sleep well no matter where you go.  
About the size of a soda can, and weighing just a pound, the Transcend 3 miniCPAP is extremely easy to pack and carry on your next trip.  It’s even FAA-approved so you can sleep comfortably on a plane.  And you can add a battery pack that’s about the size of a deck of cards for unlimited CPAP therapy.

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