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Bravo II Nasal Pillow Mask

Bravo II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask by Innomed & RespCare

Bravo II Nasal Pillow Mask

Bravo II Nasal CPAP mask is an advanced system compliant with all CPAP devices. The mask is comfortable, lightweight and highly stable. Opting for a very well fitting mask is of primordial importance. This way, you can avoid mask leaks, irritations and any type of discomfort.

The CPAP mask offers patients the best sleep therapy experience, and the Active Swivel feature allows for multiple wearing positions of the mask. The Bravo II nasal pillow mask system package includes small, medium and large pillows + the headgear. Each patient can find the best fitting nasal pillows for maximum comfort during therapy.

The greatest majority of traditional CPAP masks are manufactured with heavy and/or bulky components which obstruct the field of vision and which make the mask quite heavy to wear. The Bravo II nasal pillow mask will also not limit the patient’s ability to change positions comfortably during sleep. For even greater mask stability, patients are encouraged to wear the mask using the special chin strap which can be purchased separately.

InnoMed Technologies Bravo II Nasal Pillow Mask
  • The mask allows for an unobstructed field of vision. It is highly recommended for patients who read or watch TV during CPAP therapy
  • Unobtrusive mask system which can be secured perfectly without inconveniencing the patient in any way
  • The Bravo II Nasal Mask does not contain Latex or any other allergen materials
  • The nasal pillows are easily interchangeable
  • The Nasal Pillow Mask does not have an uncomfortable forehead pad

Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients find the BRAVO II Nasal Pillow Mask extremely comfortably fitting, so patients can enjoy the most efficient CPAP therapy.

Patients can choose between multiple wear options- whichever is most comfortable. Wear the Bravo II nasal pillow mask over the head or on the chest. Some patients cannot sleep comfortable with mask frames that are adjusted over the head.

The CPAP mask is manufactured maintaining an ergonomic design. The mask has smooth and comfortable contours to match most facial structures. This particular mask is recommended for patients that wear glasses.

The mask does not make contact with the forehead or the nasal bridge. This will eliminate the nasal bridge sores or the mask cutting into the skin at the forehead or nose.

*Many full face masks produce air leaks near the eyes. Thanks to the nasal pillows, there is no part of the mask that is fitted upon the nose/face so the leaks near the eyes are eliminated.

Bravo II Nasal Pillow Mask has Adaptive Flow Technology incorporated. This technology facilitates a comfortable and very quiet sleep therapy experience, even at higher CPAP pressures.

The nasal pillows CPAP mask can be easily custom tailored to the nasal cavity structure of each patient. You can mix and match the nasal pillows, opting for a different size pillow for each nostril, to make therapy compliant and comfortable.

 Increased support of the Bravo II Nasal Pillow mask comes with a premium headgear, with four points that can be adjusted. The mask offers the best seal and improved support during therapy.

Bravo II Nasal Pillow System
Product ID BRV700
Manufacturer InnoMed Technologies
Bravo II Nasal Pillow System Discounts Apply !

Bravo Nasal Pillow Interface

The Bravo Nasal Pillows system, with its rotatable Reservoir and interchangeable nasal pillows promotes patient comfort and allows for a clear field of vision.

  • Nasal Pillow at great value features a rotatable reservoir to optimize comfort and seal.
  • Tubing can be worn on the chest or over the head through to its patented Active-Swivel® technology.
  • Interchangeable, removable pillows can be mixed and matched to allow fitting of different pillow sizes to each nostril independently.
  • Headgear has integral stability support.
  • Comes in an All Sizes Kit (includes: SM, MD, and LG pillows)
Bravo Nasal CPAP Mask
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