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NewLife Intensity 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator

NewLife Intensity Oxygen Concnetrator

New Life Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator

AirSep brings to the market an incredibly economic and highly efficient oxygen concentrator capable of delivering 10LPM oxygen, and consuming only 590 Watts. New Life Intensity 10 comes with an outlet pressure up to 3 times higher than other concentrators within the same range, and the system is suitable for use with a wide selection of applications such as: medication nebulizers, volume jet nebulizers, ventilation masks or very long oxygen tubing systems.

The tracheostomy procedure is simplified with the New Life Intensity 10 concentrator, since there is no need for an additional external compressor. By connecting a jet neb bottle to the O2 outlet of the Intensity device, humidified oxygen can be administered to the trachea.

New Life Intensity is a dual flow unit, which means the device can be used to administer oxygen treatment to two patients simultaneously. When used to deliver therapy for two patients, the machine delivers a total flow of 10 LPM combined, while overall power consumption and equipment needs are reduced. The device delivers flexibility and versatility, thanks to its capability of functioning in both single and dual flows.

  • Oxygen Concentration monitoring capabilities 24/7
  • Delivering Continuous Flow oxygen in 1 to 10LPM, fully adjustable parameters
  • Powering a long extension hose or a Nebulizer Kit is made easy with New Life Intensity 10 – 20 PSIG Pressure
  • AirSep offers 5 years manufacturer warranty for the product
  • The device is equipped with plenty useful alarm features, such as Low Oxygen output, Low Temperature, High/Low Pressure
  • Choice of Single or Dual Flow function and quiet operation

New Life Intensity 10 oxygen concentrator meets and exceeds the needs even of oxygen patients with the most complex needs. The concentrator is suitable for home therapeutic use, or for use in clinical environments, for one or two patients simultaneously. Easy maintenance, high performance and unrivalled reliability are only a few of the advantages speaking in favor of the new Intensity line of concentrators by AirSep.

Operating at a Sound Level of only 57 dbA, weighing only 26.3 kg and with a low power consumption of 590 Watt, the New Life Intensity 10 oxygen concentrator is an all-in-one, sustainable and efficient solution for patients with complex demands in terms of oxygen therapy.

New Life Intensity 10 Benefits

  • The device represents the number 1 choice for use in certain tropical climates and developing countries. The unit is capable to supply the oxygen needs for an entire pediatric ward in a hospital, when combined with a flow splitter that has 5 flow meters – such as the SureFlow Oxygen Flow Station
  • Low maintenance units, providing single or dual flow functions of up to 10 LPM, and an outlet pressure of 138kPA (or 20PSIG)
  • Extremely power efficient unit, capable of supplying oxygen to two patients simultaneously (up to 10LPM combined with one single unit)
  • Compatible with extra accessories such as an air outlet for nebulizer treatments
  • Premium 10LPM oxygen concentrator function by combining efficiently high pressure with high flow

New Life Intensity 10 Concentrator Main Specifications

  • Oxygen Concentration: 2 to 9 LPM at 92% +/- 3% and 10LPM at 90% +/-3%
  • Width: 16.5” / Height: 27.5” / Depth: 14.5”
  • Weight: 54 lbs.
  • Sound level output: 57dbA
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 20 PSIG
  • Power Consumption: 590Watts
  • Operating Altitudes: 0 to 10,000 feet above the sea level
  • Essential Alarms: Power Failure; Low Concentration with optional Oxygen Monitor; High Pressure / Low Pressure; Battery Test; High Temperature
  • Temperature Range: 41F to 95F/ 5Celsius to 35Celsius operational temperature. When operating the unit outside these temperature ranges, the performance can be highly affected
NewLife Intensity Oxygen Concentrator
Product ID AS099-100
Manufacturer Caire
NewLife Intensity Oxygen Concentrator Discounts Apply !
The NewLife Intensity Oxygen Concentrator combines high pressure with high flow to create 10 LPM, operating up to 590 watts for reduced power consumption. With an outlet pressure approximately three times higher than most other concentrators, these units are designed to serve special applications, such as with the use of large volume jet nebulizers, venti-masks, medication nebulizers, and long oxygen tubing runs.
  • High flow concentrators with essential pressure
  • Single or dual flow (for two patients)
  • Low flowmeter blocks for pediatric and other low flow applications
  • Oxygen monitor to verify concentration
  • Smooth, quiet, power-efficient operation

Newlife Intensity Oxygen Concentrator by AirSep

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