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Mirage™ Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask

Resmed Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask

Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask

ResMed is one of the most trustworthy providers of CPAP therapy solutions for home and hospital patient care. Mirage Liberty is a Full Face CPAP mask which has an extremely versatile design, offering an individual seal at the nose and at the mouth area. This mask is perfectly suitable for OSA patients who breathe through their mouth as well while sleeping, and with this mask they will receive all the comfort and efficacy they need throughout sleep therapy.

  • Mirage Liberty has fewer points of contact with the skin than traditional full face masks
  • It allows for an open field of vision- the mask is suitable for patients who wear glasses or those who wish to read/watch TV while receiving therapy
  • Incredibly lightweight mask
  • Physicians can fit 90%+ of their patients with this versatile full face CPAP mask

Patients noncompliant with traditional full face masks which feel heavy and bulky, will find the MIRAGE Liberty by ResMed extremely comfortable and efficient. Patients can become therapy compliant even from the first day of use.

The overall comfort of the full face mask is enhanced by the dual-wall cushion & dual wall nasal pillows. The dual walls help adding even better seal at the mouth and the nose level. Mirage Liberty by ResMed is a very quiet mask, which guarantees a good night’s sleep without interruptions.

  • Ultra stable mask thanks to crown-shaped headgear
  • Designed with fewer parts than traditional masks, Mirage Liberty is easy to assemble/disassemble for cleaning purposes
  • Full face mask with minimalist design which does not compromise CPAP therapy quality

Generally, nasal pillow masks are the most minimalist ones, yet not every patient can become therapy compliant with them. Some patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea need to breathe through their mouth while sleeping, and a nasal pillows only mask would be inefficient. The pressure they receive through the nasal pillows is basically “lost” through the mouth so the patient does not get enough pressure. Mirage Liberty Full Face mask is the perfect solution for these patients because:

  • It has a minimalist design & does not obstruct the field of vision
  • The mask provides perfect seal at both mouth and nose to prevent any mask leaks

Every patient can find easily the perfect fit, because each pack contains three different nasal pillow sizes. First-time fit is also guaranteed by the comfortable and stable headgear design which will keep the mask in place following nicely the individual contour of the head.

Key features of the Mirage Liberty full face mask include:

  • Overall unobtrusive design
  • Special Mirage dual-wall cushion & nasal pillows technology for perfect sea
  • User support package- patients can learn quickly everything they need to know about using the Mirage Liberty full face mask
  • Three different nasal pillow sizes included

Please contact SleepRestfully for more valuable information on the available CPAP therapy products brought to you by ResMed.

Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask
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Manufacturer ResMed
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The latest mask in ResMed’s Mirage™ line of interfaces offers less mask and more freedom in a minimalist design. With a fit range of over 90% of users, the Mirage Liberty is ideal for patients seeking a comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks. Available in 2 sizes small and large.

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Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask Mirage Liberty Full Face Mask Parts

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