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Nasal Aire II CPAP Mask

Nasal Aire II InnoMed

Nasal Aire II CPAP Mask

Nasal Aire II is a second generation CPAP mask brought to you by InnoMed. The innovative interface has been designed to offer users maximum comfort and efficiency for home CPAP treatment. Nasal-Aire II shares many similar points with the ultra popular Nasal Aire mask, but it comes with an improved noise level (much quieter) and improved overall performance.

InnoMed Technologies Nasal Aire II CPAP Mask

Nasal-Aire II is incredibly easy to use and maintain sanitized. The performance of the mask is assured by:

  • An ergonomic design so that the mask fits any facial size or contour with ease Furthermore, the ergonomic design ensures perfect fit without mask leaks
  • Eliminating pressure points- thanks to its innovative design, the mask will not cause any pressure points, discomfort or pain at the face area. Patients can wear comfortably the Nasal-Aire II for as long as needed…without problems
  • The secure fit design of the CPAP mask makes it the perfect solution even for the most active sleepers. The mask will stay securely in place without shifting and causing mask leaks.
  • Nasal-Aire II has a minimalist design resulting in a clearer field of vision. Patients complaining of feelings of claustrophobia caused by heavy and bulky masks should definitely try the innovative Nasal-Aire II
  • Improved patient comfort is ensured by the innovative, soft nasal prongs of the mask

The mask is Latex free, so even patients with Latex sensitivity can wear it without problems. According to statistics, the M or L sizes of the Nasal-Aire II mask is a perfect fit for over 80% of the patients. Patients can choose to wear the mask either over the ears or down on their chest. This mask is small and extremely quiet, and the mask does not make any contact at the forehead or the nasal bridge area. Thus, sores or near the eyes mask leaks are completely eliminated.

Nasal-Aire II- What do the customer reviews say?

The greatest majority of users are extremely happy with their choice. They all point out that Nasal-Aire II is the most comfortable mask they have found after repeated trial and error. The mask is incredibly light, which is another plus when patients need to get comfortable therapy even for 8+ hours during the night.

Nasal-Aire II is a great favorite CPAP therapy accessory not only for patients, but also a solution for physicians who can now fit 90% of their patients with this particular mask.

The mask does not leak even when the device is set to high pressures, ad most customers stated they have tried many full face masks which unfortunately leaked, or nasal masks which ha a poor seal. If you are looking for an efficient yet highly comfortable solution, the Nasal-Aire II might be the answer.

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Nasal Aire II Interface
Product ID K2A
Manufacturer InnoMed Technologies
Nasal Aire II Interface Discounts Apply !

Nasal-Aire® II - Nasal Cannula Interface

The Nasal-Aire® II is a nasal cannula style interface for CPAP therapy. This lightweight interface wears like a familiar oxygen cannula. The Nasal-Aire® II comes in an All Sizes Kit (which includes multiples sizes of the nasal cannula) to get the right fit.

  • Wears like a familiar oxygen cannula
  • Can be worn with little or NO headgear
  • Has patented sealing within the nose for a virtually leak free fit.
  • Applies no pressure points on the face or bottom of the nose
  • Minimal parts - so easy to clean and assemble
  • Patented L-Flow® technology delivers air with less turbulence

Nasal Aire Nasal CPAP Mask

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