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SoClean CPAP Sanitizing System

SoClean CPAP Sanitizer

When using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy at home it is extremely important to maintain the device and accessories clean and sanitized at all times. Mold, bacteria, viruses or dust can easily accumulate on the main device or within the accessories making them unsafe for your health. The SoClean CPAP Sanitizing System is an all in one solution for the proper sanitation of your CPAP/Bi-PAP device or accessories.

Classic CPAP sanitizers require that you disassemble your medical equipment and immerse each accessory separately into the machine. However, SoClean sanitizing and cleaning system allows you to sanitize all your equipment without actually removing the hose, reservoir or the mask. Simple and quick sanitation is now possible with SoClean system.

SoClean destroys successfully all the germs that accumulate in your medical equipment such as:

  • Viruses that can cause diseases
  • Mold that represent a huge hazard to your respiratory health
  • Bacteria that carry diseases

SoClean sanitation and cleaning system uses a 100% natural and safe sanitation process, just like the one used in hospitals, hotels or restaurants. SoClean does not use any types of harmful chemicals throughout the process.

You can use safely SoClean to sanitize headgear and masks, heated and non-heated humidifiers and humidifiers or reservoirs.

Genuine customer testimonials speak in favor of purchasing this wonder sanitation and cleaning system for your CPAP equipment:

“Absolutely love it! I haven’t had a clean mask like this except for the first use when I get new parts! A total must for anyone with a CPAP! So simple- put it in the box and set the timer, close the box, walk away and it’s ready to go at bedtime!!!”

SoClean is an automatic CPAP cleaning and sanitation equipment which ensures you will have an immaculate clean and bacteria free CPAP equipment to use for sleep therapy, every single night.

SoClean best features:

  • Sleek appealing contours
  • Front display
  • Option to insert the hose on both sides
  • Convenient filter cartridge system

SoClean will destroy up to 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens lingering within your CPAP equipment. The system is fully automated and it is extremely easy to operate. No chemicals or water needed, and the machine uses the exact same process that is used during water purification.

! In case you are using a Heated Hose on your machine, you will need a special adapter. Otherwise, SoClean is an out of the box solution for cleaning/sanitizing all types of CPAP equipment and accessories.

SoClean CPAP sanitizing system

What SoClean 2 Machines Need Adaptors?  Click to Get Chart.

SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizing System
Product ID SC1200
Manufacturer Better Rest Solutions
SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizing System Discounts Apply !

The SoClean 2 is an automated CPAP equipment cleaner and sanitizer. Like the original SoClean unit, the SoClean 2 sanitizes and disinfects your CPAP accessories such as your mask, hose, and water reservoir without needing to take any pieces apart. Full and complete sanitizing is accomplished without any messy chemicals or even the use of water. Your equipment remains completely dry.  1 year warranty.

SoClean Benefits:
  • Destroys 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens
  • Peace-of-mind clean
  • Completely automated
  • No need to take CPAP equipment apart
  • Sanitizes without chemicals or water

SoClean 2 Features:

  • New sleek design
  • Smaller footprint
  • Front display
  • Indicator lights throughout the cycle
  • Left or right hose insertion option
  • Easy filter cartridge system


SoClean CPAP Equipment Cleanre

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Simple and Easy to use

Victor Kocher - 2/12/2018

I've had my So Clean 2 CPAP sanitizing system for about 5 years now and absolutely love how easy it is to use and the GREAT job that it does. It's great to breathe fresh air and not that have that musty smell when I turn my CPAP on. Liked mine so well t...

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